Sky Sandal – Øst London
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Sky Sandal - Øst London
Sky Sandal - Øst London
Woman in green dress wearing Øst London sky sandals

Sky Sandal

The Black Sky Sandal is designed with the natural form of the foot to allow freedom of movement and all-round support. It is the perfect trendy everyday sandal. The rounded toe and the matt-shiny upper material made of high quality synthetic leather embody timeless elegance that makes every outfit an eye-catcher. Thanks to its heel straps, the shoe is still comfortable even after hours of dance marathon!

The padded footbed gives the sandal comfort and extra long legs at the same time.

If you are in doubt of your size, we recommend you order up a size.

The sandals come in 3 colours; Black, White and Champagne.


36/uk3 - 41/uk7